Less variables

Customize Less variables to define colors, sizes and more inside your custom CSS stylesheets.


Gray and brand colors for use across Wafelijzer.


Settings for some of the most global styles.

Background color for <body>.

Global text color on <body>.

Global text color on <body>.

Global textual link color.

Link hover color set via darken() function.


Font, line-height, and color for body text, headings, and more.

Unit-less line-height for use in components like buttons.

Computed "line-height" (font-size * line-height) for use with margin, padding, etc.

Text muted color

Abbreviations and acronyms border color

Headings small color

Blockquote small color

Blockquote font size

Blockquote border color


Padding around the thumbnail image

Thumbnail background color

Thumbnail border color

Thumbnail border radius

Custom text color for thumbnail captions

Padding around the thumbnail caption


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